How to Style a Bomber Jacket

February was a pretty eventful month for the international fashion community with New York, London and Milan Fashion Weeks going on. But in this blog post, I won’t write about the trends from the fashion catwalks since these won’t be on our radar until next Fall/Winter season. Instead, I’ll focus on the status quo and elaborate on a trend that you may have seen for a while now, especially on people attending fashion events. I’m talking about the bomber jacket and if you still don’t own one chances are high, you will get one after reading this post. At least I hope so!

Casual Look

On the street style scene, the bomber has been mixed and matched with many things. The most popular look that I have seen over and over again is the combination with jeans, hoodie and ankle boots.

But I have also seen ladies pairing it with pleated skirts or slinky dresses. From my POV everything is allowed, even wrapping the bomber around your waist to add extra coolness.

If your bomber is neutral or unicolor you can pep it up with a colorful brooch, pin or patch. Be careful not to create holes on your jacket; attach your brooches and pins to the collar or sleeve cuffs.


Do you actually know how the contemporary bomber jacket was born? Any ideas? It all started with the flight or bombardier jacket created for military pilots during World War I. Most of the airplanes didn’t have enclosed cockpits which created a need for attire that would protect the pilot from freezing temperatures in high altitude.

US Navy G-2 Flight Jacket

From the 1970s onwards the jacket established itself in civilian use. In the 2000s, the jacket was a popular item within the hip-hop scene. And now it has returned to fashionista’s and our closets.

Wearing It Out

For a recent visit to Seattle’s Museum of Flight, I broke out my navy bomber jacket from Public Opinion, ordered on Hautelook. The inner lining of the jacket is bright orange, so if I want more color I can wear it inside out.

Orange Inner Lining Bomber Jacket
Orange Inner Lining

My casual Saturday afternoon look is comprised of a pair of Levi’s 501’s, a white tee and MARCCAIN silk top. It’s hard to believe that 501’s have made a comeback. I vividly remember wearing them in high school in Germany 20 years ago. Honestly, I’m tired of the low cut skinny jeans, and happily embracing the shift to the high waist straight leg option.

In Seattle it literally rains every second day, so rain boots are imperative when you live here. I opted for HUNTER low cut boots because they are not only comfortable and water resistant but also light in comparison to the original tall version, in which I can barely lift my feet.

Belts are super popular right now, so I finished my look with a snake belt that I purchased during a trip to Vietnam.

Snake Belt
Snake Belt

Where to Get It?

The bomber is available pretty much anywhere, at every price category. See some of my picks below if you are sold on it.

adidas Originals Oversized Quilted Bomber Jacke
adidas Originals Bomber Jacket
Public Opinion Classic Bomber Jacket
Public Opinion Classic Bomber Jacket
CONVERSE MA-1 Fleece Bomber Jacket








What do you think of the bomber jacket trend? Let me know in the comments below.


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