A Weekend Trip to Long Beach Peninsula in Washington State, USA

The Memorial Day weekend was approaching fast and with it a thought to escape the hectic city environment for a couple of days. After considering Washington State’s Olympic National Park, which was unfortunately booked out weeks in advance, the choice fell to the Pacific Coast’s Long Beach Peninsula.

After looking into Airbnb and hotel options we opted for the Adrift Hotel. During my travels, I always look for contemporary and creative interior design the Adrift Hotel is both. The rooms ended up being very basic; however, I have to give the hotel’s designers credit for trying to appear original by incorporating wood crate shelves and other touches.


The best thing about the hotel though was not its design but the location just steps away from the Pacific Ocean and Discovery Trail with breath-taking views of the peninsula’s scenery.

In preparation for the trip, I frequently checked the weather app, which was forecasting temperatures around 65ºF (19ºC). The reality looked a little bit different and caught us off guard. I didn’t pack enough warm clothes and was emotionally not prepared for deep dark clouds and temperatures around 56ºF (13º C). It was quite a shock but after some time we decided to make the best out of it and found fun things to do.

We started off with a bike ride to Cape Disappointment and North Head Lighthouses. An approximately 4 mile trip from Adrift which was rewarded with breath-taking views of the landscape.


Long Beach’s evening entertainment options turned out to be pretty limited so we decided to check out the Pickled Fish restaurant, which is part of the hotel and just steps away from our room. It had decent live music but was out of oysters and some other dishes that I would have liked. You can’t have it all, I guess. The drinks were good though.

On the next day, we tried a local restaurant for breakfast. I’m normally not a foodie but can get pretty obsessive about healthy food choices. Well, how can I phrase my opinion about this restaurant diplomatically? The food choices in this particular restaurant (whose name I prefer not to reveal) and also most places in Long Beach were not my favorites. Most of the items on the menu were deep-fried or had a ton of sugar in them. So, nothing for folks who belong to the vegan, vegetarian or other hipster foodie subgroups.

But the day had just started, so we were not going to let it be ruined by a mediocre breakfast. We decided to fight the cold temperatures and unappetizing food with a camp fire and some leisure activities on the beach. We stocked up on hot dogs and marshmallows, which are definitely also not healthy food options in a regular setting, but the adventurous outdoor atmosphere made it palatable.

We also purchased a kite and enjoyed figuring out how to fly it. We tried to keep up with the rest of the kites on the beach and have it fly at least 100 feet in the air. The pressure was on.

After a full day of activities on the beach and a tummy filled with hot dogs and marshmallows, the only reasonable thing to do was to take a nap. Later in the evening, we ended up going to Pickled Fish again, but only for a drink since they were out of oysters again.

On our way home we stopped at the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge ca. 30 minutes away from Long Beach to do a small hike and enjoy the wild nature. Unfortunately, or maybe, fortunately, we didn’t encounter any actual wildlife during the hike.

The last stop before making it home was an Oyster Farm, Goose Point Shellfish Farm. We just couldn’t leave the ocean without enjoying some fresh local oysters. From the first glance the farm looked like they only sell to retail or in bulk but if you make the effort to find the entrance in the back, you will see a shop that serves oysters including sauces and even champagne. You can have the whole experience and indulge yourself with a gourmet menu. With the purchase of two dozen oysters, we culminated our trip to the Washington Coast.

Don’t be discouraged by some of my comments about the food or weather. Travel is good for the soul even if it sometimes doesn’t turn out as you expected it to be.

Leave comments if you have been to Long Beach or visited a more beautiful place in the Washington State. Follow me on Instagram @good2style


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